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Not All Wins are Created Equal

Obviously not all wins / losses are equal, so just comparing a wrestler’s win percentage does not give an accurate indication of their performance. RankWrestlers considers multiple factors when ranking the wrestlers. All wins and losses are adjusted according to the type of win and the quality of the opponent. The average of the three highest adjusted win percentages of opponents that the wrestler defeated is listed under the column “3 best.” A column title “H2H” makes head-to-head adjustments for matches between closely ranked opponents. If a lower ranked wrestler that is within ten percent in the total ranking defeats a higher-ranked wrestler, then the higher-ranked wrestler’s ranking is reduced by half the difference and the lower ranked wrestler is raised by half the difference to move the winner of the contest in front of the loser. It is possible to have multiple head-to-head adjustments, though, so a different head-to-head adjustment could possibly leave the losing wrestler in front of the winning wrestler from an earlier adjustment.

Reward Tough Matchups

The adjusted win percentage and top 3 wins are averaged, and the head-to-head adjustments are applied to determine the total ranking. The ranking will make the biggest improvement when a wrestler defeats tougher opponents, and it will drop more with losses to opponents with lower win percentages. A wrestler’s ranking will also change as opponents wrestle more matches, because the opponent’s adjusted win percentage is continuously updated throughout the entire season (as their record becomes more indicative of their strength), and the new opponent win percentages are applied to the wrestler’s earlier wins / losses.