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I don't think we know each other but we are long time PWA folks and Nick pointed us towards your website. I just wanted to let you know we LOVE the site. We were at a deficit in terms of ranking information, and you have more than filled that niche. Unlike other efforts (as well-intended as they are) your site isn't simple opinion, and I think you have done amazing things with it! In Josh's state tournament bracket, which is the one I spent a lot of time staring at, your accuracy was uncanny. Please keep up the good work. We are subscribers forever! (Jeff McClure, Fulton, MO)

I'm a Michigan wrestling dad, and this site is awesome. It makes it easy to look at a lot of information in one spot. It puts Michigan Grappler's opinion-based system to shame. I can only hope that others see the value in this and more Michigan wrestling fans start logging on and encouraging their coaches to keep records updated at TrackWrestling. (Chad, Airport Jets, Newport, MI)

I'm a proud North Carolina wrestling dad of a Cape Fear Colt / youth wrestling coach at Wolf Den Wrestling Club here in Fayetteville. I love the accuracy of RankWrestlers and how easy it is to navigate the site! My son and I are able to log on and track his season's progression and look at other wrestlers he might end up wrestling in the near future. It's just one more very effective tool we have to successfully navigate our exciting wrestling season. It's well worth the $25 annual fee, and I would highly recommend it to other dads and coaches looking for an accurate, unbiased site to track their wrestlers. (Mike Vernagallo Sr., Cape Fear Colts / Wolf Den Wrestling Club, Fayetteville, NC)

I have enjoyed the RankWrestlers site since it began. It is always fun to look at all competitors at once and watch the different wrestlers as they move up and down the rankings. It is great as a fan to be able to use this site to predict district entries and finishes as well. Being a math teacher, I also enjoy the objective nature of the site and compare it to the subjective views of the class rankers in our state. It is well worth the cost if you are a fan! (Todd Berck, Francis Howell Central, MO)

I agree with Todd. I was an early adopter and really appreciate the objective nature of the rankings. I also like the ability to look at all of the different classes and weights easily. It is a great way to keep up with wrestlers that you've seen over the years. It is a tremendous value as well, with a reasonable cost for a plethora of information. (Ronald K Tessman, Staley, MO)