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Sure Betting Fixed Matches

Author woneasejup
From State: UK 

#1 | Posted: 14 Jul 2021 02:40 

п»їSure Football Betting.
Sure Football Betting.
Sure Football Betting.
Soccer Vista Predictions Tips Day: Wednesday Date: 06.01.2021.
League: ITALY Serie A Match: Atalanta вЂ" Parma Tip: Over 2.5 Goals Odds: 1.50 Result: 3:0 Won.
Soccer Fixed Matches Today.
This article will only be of interest if you want to win betting on football and bet big, with the size of your bets increasing as you become more successful.
If you bet too often you will lose.
If you bet on meaningless football fixed games like cup games and internationals you will lose more.
Games to avoid betting on also includes prestige games in the Champions League and Europa League. Look at the teams that turn out for those games, they are unrecognizable from the domestic league teams вЂ" impossible to evaluate.
If you bet on novelty bets like first goal scorer , number of corners etc. Then you are just looking for entertainment and will lose even more with no chance of progressing into betting big odds .
Why do you think the bookmakers introduced all these different markets? Because they are very profitable, and detract the punter away from betting .
Betting and hoping to win on football ( soccer ) until quite recently was a forlorn hope.
Many readers will remember the days in the UK when you had to have a minimum of 5 selection before the bookmakers would deign to accept your bets .
It is some time back, it all changed in the mid 1990’s. You could have 3 home selections just so long as you put at least 1 away team into the bet . And you also had to pay 9% of your winnings in betting tax if you were shrewd enough to make a winning accumulator fixed bets .
Win regularly and win big.
Anybody who could make sure football betting pay in those days would be an extremely clever punter and would surely clean up big time today.
Manipulated Fixed Bets Matches.
Now of course we have multiple fixed betting opportunities when betting on football and you can only place a single fixed bets on each match .
In a way there is perhaps a little to much betting available on every match played weather on television or not. You can get bogged down in exactly which is the best way to approach your betting options.
There are betting markets on the number of goals , who scores first or last, bookings during match, on so on. That does not include the hundreds of spread betting and Asian handicap fixed matches options we get offered for virtually every match anywhere in the world.
It is not for punters who watch soccer on television and want a few novelty bets to entertain them during the live game they are about to watch. There is nothing wrong with that but you will lose for sure in the long run.
Follow these 3 golden rules and your football betting fixed matches will improve straight away.
The work involved is minimal as the bookmakers themselves will point you to the soundest bets , and the number of bets you make will be much reduced allowing you to increase your football wagers as you get more success.
There are 3 Golden Rules to follow if you want to win at fixed football betting .
Only ever bet the home side вЂ" Single Bets Only.
By restricting your football bets to the home side you are loading quite a few factors in your favour.
The home side obviously has the supporters help which can be a great asset in making sure the players strive for success.
Sure Winning Fixed Matches.
Referees, no doubt unconsciously, give more decisions to the home side than the opposition when the crowd are baying for free tips kicks and penalties every time anyone make a tackle on their team.
Add to this ground familiarity for the home side, and their opponents tendency to not compete when the going gets tough as the support for them is mute and their lack of effort overlooked вЂ" they can hide, whereas the home players will strive till the end before their own fans.
Only ever back the favourite вЂ" Single Bets Only.
You need to win regularly as your football bets will be big вЂ" by that we mean to your normal bets , and what is big to one punter may be small to another вЂ" but no more of those small interest novelty soccer fixed bets that will not get you into the big time when betting on football .
Well some of those big prices look attractive, but by and large they will not win often enough to keep you in the betting fixed match mood if you lose a consecutive number of bets вЂ" you must keep winning regularly with a view to increasing your stakes вЂ" your ambitions raise continually and you will only be able to do this if winning regularly.
The attractive prices are about evens to just better than 1/2.
Rarely take more than evens вЂ" the bookmaker’s odds makers will do the donkey work for you and anything over about evens is risky, unless you are certain it is a good wager, but rarely take these odds against bets вЂ" this will leave you just a handful of fixed matches to consider with the good.
Buy Fixed Matches Bets.
Rarely take shorter than 1/2 вЂ" anything above this and it will be hard to get back on track if backing a loser вЂ" you want to be in a position where 2 out of 3 bets leaves you in front and you can increase your bets , 3 out of 3 and you are really motoring and can continue to increase your bets relentlessly and aggressively.
Only Bet in Top Flight League Matches вЂ" Single Bets Only.
Never bet in cup, friendies or international matches вЂ" cup matches are often a game between the reserves or squad players who do not normally play.
International games are impossible to solo soccer predict particularly when the group stages are already decided. The football fixed matches are meaningless and often used for trying out new tactics and the result less crucial.
You must restrict your football bets to the domestic football leagues, wherever you bet .
Also only bet in top flight football вЂ" in the UK that would restrict your bets to The Premiership and Championship leagues.
Corruption is rare in football , but if you only bet on top games this aspect will be no corruption altogether.
Genuine Fixed Matches Bets.
To sum up, take the best odds available and stick to these golden rules. Prefer home side only, back only the favourites to win , top league games only, only bet in singles , never doubles or above. You should certainly cut any losses you are making now, and greatly enhance any winnings you are currently making in football betting .
Bet less but bigger, increasing stakes relentlessly as your profits increase is the aim of this strategy.
A Staking Plan for Betting on Football.
It is essential you keep this staking plan separate from all your other bets . So hopefully you will see clearly your betting pot grow and not drained by your usual losing bets .
Lets, for convenience, say you start with a betting pot of 500. Divide this figure by 5.This is your bet for first football match вЂ" 100. If you win, the betting pot increases to, lets say 600 вЂ" you now bet 120 next match . In case you lose with first bet then your next bet can be for 80 (400 divided by 5). If you stick to 3 golden rules it is almost impossible to exhaust your betting pot. Just divide betting pot by 5 and no more tricky decisions of how much to bet each match . if you are shrewd punter the bets you make will grow and grow until you are betting big .

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