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Big Wins

Author eric.sipes51@gmail.com
From State: MO 

#1 | Posted: 6 Dec 2018 15:07 
Just curious:

What is criteria for a Big Win?

How soon are they updated after the date of the win?

I see on track that

12/4/18 145lbs #12 Gabe Frankenberger (Lafayette (Wildwood)) over #3 Gaven Sax (Waynesville) (Dec 7-5)

Author Admin
From State: MO 

#2 | Posted: 6 Dec 2018 23:51 
We had some connectivity issues the past couple of days, but they have been corrected. To answer your question, a "big win" would be someone beating a wrestler ranked in the top 5, so the match you mentioned should show up in the next update tonight.

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